Sabtu, 24 Agustus 2013

EDRT (English Department Reader’s Theater)

If you like acting but have difficulties to memorize the script, then EDRT is a good place for you because you don’t have to  memorize your lines. We perform a mini drama called reader’s theater where you can act while reading your lines. Don’t worry if you are not confidence enough with your acting because we will give you plenty of materials related to acting such as expression, pronunciation, and blocking.

EDRT will perform two performances that we called ‘Trial’. Whereas in each Trial, we will perform two different performances. Every EDRT member has chance to be the cast in the Trial. But don’t worry if you are not chosen to perform in the Trial yet, you can still experience to be the crew. You can provide or if it is possible, design costumes for the cast, provide the property for the show, design the setting of the performance, or if you like make up, you can be the make up artist for the cast. 

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