Selasa, 02 September 2014

Faculty Day: Welcome to Our Beloved Faculty

Talking about Students’ Orientation Days, of course there will be many new things that come to our mind. New friends, new environment, and also new activities. However, behind all those new things, there is always one thing that becomes the main concern of all new students. For the big family of FLL itself, new students are new generation who are expected not only to succeed in their study but also get valuable experiences which will be very useful for their career and also their life in the future. In the process of knowing the learning activity in FLL, this faculty held a special Students Orientation Day or “Faculty Day”. In faculty day, students from many KBM like EDVoice and EDance get the oppotunity to perform their adeptness in front of FLL’s new students. From this Faculty Day, we got some impressions from several students. The first one is from Andre, a student of English Language Teaching Program. “I’m glad that FLL  gives us a very warm welcome for us. Before joining this faculty, I thought that the big project from FLL is only the annual drama performance, but after attending the faculty day, I knew that there are many other projects which are also interesting. Well, so far so good.” 

Besides showing performances from many KBM, there are also open house in which the new students can get closer with the KBM provided here. Virna Margetan, as FLL student senate’s chairperson, said that Open House was held in order to make FLL new students aware of FLL’s events and KBM. “By promoting those events and KBM, they could know that our programs were great. Soon, they will be interested and join us.” She added. At the end, this goal was achieved. Many positive responses came from the new students. They admitted that this event was appealing, creative, and really helpful for them.

The booth of 'Bidang 4'

Drama's group with their impressive costumes

BPMF's members

Welcome to your second home, everybody!

Well, we also hope that you guys can enjoy your study in this faculty and start a bright future with us as a big family of FLL. Once again, welcome to our beloved faculty and may God always bless us.

(Sita/Oviera/Avinda '12)

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