Kamis, 07 Mei 2015

EDRT: One More Marvelous Drama Performance

Taking a place on F515 and student center, EDRT shows their drama performance on the last april 9-10, 2015. There, they performs two stories consist of mini drama with the theme of teenagers love story and the main drama themed middle ages. Reza Aska, as the chairman of this KBM, admits that this drama performance has been prepared since september 2014. By that time, they conduct the audition to choose the casts and the crew. He also explains that although there is a little technical problem, their performance goes according to the expectations. Keep up the good work, guys!

Leading Future Leaders To a Better World Through LINED 2015

Nowadays, many leaders do not have good characters. They do some corruption, lie to their folk, break their promise, and many more. With the aim of creating better future leaders who have good personality, English Department conveys live in or also known as LINED (Live in English Department) in Ngaduman Village. For three days, starting from March 13-15, the participants engages in the series of activities which are made to train their characters , so that someday when they become the leaders, they can lead their liegeman in a good way.
As for the activites consist of work team games where their solidarity in one group is tested, community service where they have to teach children, familiarity night, and so on.
“Everything runs well. All committee here works as if they are a family. They help and support each other,” said Windi Reska (2012) as the chairperson of this event.

Indeed, LINED 2015 runs successfully as it is shown by the participants’ responses. “Ngaduman is a great village. The view is really breath-taking. I am happy to see it and to join this event as well,” said Josep Wibi (2012).

Our Valuable Seminars!

In this second semester, we do not only have appealing events, but we also have several seminars which are very useful for our future. They are :

1.    Public Speaking Seminar
This seminar was held with the theme of ‘Go Forward and Speak Up Your Mind’ and with the aim of teaching the students on how to do public speaking well, both inside and outside class, using English. Being attended by 70 ED students, this seminar invited Ms. Neni as the speaker. There, she successfully delivered the materials in a very good way that the students pay much attention on it.

2.    Travel and Write: Why Not?

Who doesn’t like traveling? Surely, many people love that kind of activity. However, only a few who like writing things they experienced during traveling. Based on that fact, PoWers decided to convey a workshop entitled ‘Travel and Write: Why Not?’ with the aim of making many people able and willing to write their traveling experience. This workshop is devided into two session.  The first session is led by Mr. Ardian Nugroho who is actually the alumni of English Department and it talks about his experience in writing while traveling, some travel blog references, and how to write well our traveling experience in blog. Meanhile, the second session which is talked about the theory of travel writing , is led by Mr. Erio Fanggidae. Being attended by 50 ED students, this workshop runs very well. Good job, PoWers!