Kamis, 07 Mei 2015

EDRT: One More Marvelous Drama Performance

Taking a place on F515 and student center, EDRT shows their drama performance on the last april 9-10, 2015. There, they performs two stories consist of mini drama with the theme of teenagers love story and the main drama themed middle ages. Reza Aska, as the chairman of this KBM, admits that this drama performance has been prepared since september 2014. By that time, they conduct the audition to choose the casts and the crew. He also explains that although there is a little technical problem, their performance goes according to the expectations. Keep up the good work, guys!

Leading Future Leaders To a Better World Through LINED 2015

Nowadays, many leaders do not have good characters. They do some corruption, lie to their folk, break their promise, and many more. With the aim of creating better future leaders who have good personality, English Department conveys live in or also known as LINED (Live in English Department) in Ngaduman Village. For three days, starting from March 13-15, the participants engages in the series of activities which are made to train their characters , so that someday when they become the leaders, they can lead their liegeman in a good way.
As for the activites consist of work team games where their solidarity in one group is tested, community service where they have to teach children, familiarity night, and so on.
“Everything runs well. All committee here works as if they are a family. They help and support each other,” said Windi Reska (2012) as the chairperson of this event.

Indeed, LINED 2015 runs successfully as it is shown by the participants’ responses. “Ngaduman is a great village. The view is really breath-taking. I am happy to see it and to join this event as well,” said Josep Wibi (2012).

Our Valuable Seminars!

In this second semester, we do not only have appealing events, but we also have several seminars which are very useful for our future. They are :

1.    Public Speaking Seminar
This seminar was held with the theme of ‘Go Forward and Speak Up Your Mind’ and with the aim of teaching the students on how to do public speaking well, both inside and outside class, using English. Being attended by 70 ED students, this seminar invited Ms. Neni as the speaker. There, she successfully delivered the materials in a very good way that the students pay much attention on it.

2.    Travel and Write: Why Not?

Who doesn’t like traveling? Surely, many people love that kind of activity. However, only a few who like writing things they experienced during traveling. Based on that fact, PoWers decided to convey a workshop entitled ‘Travel and Write: Why Not?’ with the aim of making many people able and willing to write their traveling experience. This workshop is devided into two session.  The first session is led by Mr. Ardian Nugroho who is actually the alumni of English Department and it talks about his experience in writing while traveling, some travel blog references, and how to write well our traveling experience in blog. Meanhile, the second session which is talked about the theory of travel writing , is led by Mr. Erio Fanggidae. Being attended by 50 ED students, this workshop runs very well. Good job, PoWers!

Minggu, 22 Maret 2015

ED Dance's Triumph!

Hard work always brings a satisfactory result. Al least, this is what happen to our friends joining in ED Dance KBM. Their endeavor eventually brings them to be the third winner in the NBL Dance Competition at Central Java on March 7, 2015. 

"We prepared for that competition intensively since February and we are quite proud of the accomplishment we had achieved, because it indicated that our efforts are not in vain." Said Dea Devina (2013), one of ED Dance's member who joined the competition. There, they showed a modern dance with ladies hip hop style which has been their mainstay.

Congratulation to all of you, guys!

The Second Visitation

SMF held the second visitation with SMFISKOM on the last march 11, 2015, taking a place on A105 and starting from 5 p.m until 6.30 p.m. This is aimed to build a good relationship among two faculties and share each other’s programs. There, those two faculties also show the products of KBM they have and interestingly both are showing a short movie created by KOFILA, a film-making KBM in FISKOM, and EDFM, our film-making KBM.

Sabtu, 07 Maret 2015

Learn, Love, and Live English through ECD 2015

We all know that English includes one of the most spoken languages in the world and brings many benefits in the future. Based on this fact, English Competition Days (ECD) 2015 invites the young generation especially senior high school students to learn, love, and live English through the series of interesting english-based competition. For this year’s implementation, ECD is followed by many students from many schools in Central Java and provides 7 competitions which are speech, storytelling, news casting, drama, spelling bee, debate, and yel-yel. To make everything become more perfect, the committee also sets up a photo booth for those who want to perpetuate the togetherness. This clearly makes ECD to be more exciting and different from the previous ones.

During the event, participants’ enthusiasm is very high. Many of them look busy to make new friends from other schools, to take many photos in the photo booth, to prepare themselves before the competition started.

“I am glad to join such kind of competition. All the committees are friendly, the event is also interesting. It seems like I want to join ECD again next year!” said Filbert Hanjaya from SMA YSKI Semarang.
The same thing is also delivered by Kevin Mulyono from SMA Kristen 1 Salatiga, “Joining ECD makes me get many new friends. Everything seems well prepared, and by the way I like the food. It tastes good.”

Indeed, ECD 2015 will not run successfully without the efforts from the committee in the last three months. Laura Surjantoro alone, as the chairperson of ECD 2015, admits that all the committee really work hard to give their best. They help and tolerate each other.

“I’m amazed of ECD 2015. I can feel the enthusiasm of participants and love among committee and LO.” Said Laura.

Minggu, 01 Maret 2015

One More! Achievement in English Competition Club

The last 10-14 February does not only become one of the most challenging days for our friends incorporated in English Competition Club (ECC), but also be the most fun ones. This is because they join Asian English Olympics (AEO) which is held in Binus University, Jakarta. AEO is an English-based competition  consisting of many fields such as spelling bee, speech, story telling, and so on. Besides being enlivened by domestic participants, AEO is also enlivened by participants coming from countries in Southeast Asia such as Macau, Malaysia, and Philipina.

“I am really happy to join this competition because I get so many new experiences and new friends as well.” Said Devi Riana Susanto (2013) who join spelling bee competition and has successfully penetrated the quarter final round. She then explains that she never thought she could get to the round, given that she has very competent rivals. Besides Devi, there are Kartika and Gloria who equally penetrate Octo-final round, each for the categories of speech and news casting. Do not forget, we also have Samuel Binowo that successfully becomes the runner up of speech competition!

“This is one of the most wonderful surprises that God has given to me. I’m glad finally I have made it.” he said
After passing through difficult rounds for five days full, ECC team join the gala dinner as the closing of this event, along with other participants.

Once more, congratulation guys! You have done your best!

Minggu, 08 Februari 2015

Sesar Pratama: From Fantasy to Victory

Some people may find it hard to reflect their imagination into a drawing, but this does not occur to the boy named Sesar Wisnu Pratama (2014). His hobby in drawing, that has appeared since he was child, finally brings him to be the first winner of caricature drawing competition at university level.  That competition was held in Student Center on February 4th, 2015 with the theme of Mental Revolution. There, he draws about the critisism towards Jokowi’s government, related to to corruption and KPK’s problem. The boy who was born on Mei 11th, 1996 admits that he is very glad to be the winner.

“I never join such kind of competition, so this is my very first time and actually I do not think I could be the winner.” He said. He then explains further that he gets the idea exactly the day before the competition. He only lets his fantasy keep flowing, then it turns to be his victory at the end.

Congratulation, Sesar! Keep up the good work!

LoVED and Talent Night 2015: Surfing The Sparkling World

After being prepared for about four months, finally LOVED and Talent Night 2015 run successfully on January 29th-30th. Just like in previous years, LOVED in this year is enlievened by English-based competitions like Integrated Challenge (IC), story telling, what’s on your mind, drama, DJ Hunt + ED Dance, and also soliarity-based competition namely ED Race.

 For the theme alone, Edwin Rudiyanto (2013) as chair person together with his team, choose the theme of Surfing the Sparkling WorldWhen we ask him about the reason of choosing that theme, Edwin explains that actually LOVED’s committee want to remind ED students of their motivation in studying at this faculty.

“I believe that everybody here has the same motivation, that is to go abroad and speak with foreigners using English they had learnt. By using that theme, we want them to feel the atmosphere of foreign cultures so that they are motivated in learning English more,” He said.

The euphoria
2011 IC Team
2012 Dance Performance
2013 Drama Performance
2014 Drama Team
Similar to LoVED’s theme, Talent Night 2015 raises the theme of Disco Vintage. Just in a short period, the committe successfully change Balairung Utama (BU) into a great place. When students enter the room, they are warmly welcomed by ushers. Also, they are allowed to take photos as many as they want in a booth which has been designed into vintage one. When they go inside, then they will find the room full of discotheque-nuanced lamps, complete with led chrystal magic ball.  To make everything greater, the committee provides coffee booth by Streetside in the corner of the room, to those who may get thirsty throughout the event.

Everyone looks enjoy show-by-show in Talent Night 2015. They are happy to sing together with their friends, they are proud of seeing their lecturers play on an epic drama, and they are very enthusiastic to dance all night long when the DJ start to play the music.
“Talent Night 2015 is very amazing despite an unexpected technical problems, but it still seems reasonable. I see everyone here have a good time. Two thumbs up for all committee!” said Virna (2012).

On that night, there is also an announcement of the best angkatan of the year, and the winner goes to... ELEVENERS! Hereby, we congratulate to all eleveners who had done a great job in LoVED and Talent Night 2015.

Coffee Corner

The coolest lecturers ever

SWEDS: Practice Makes Perfect

“Everything is in our hand. If we don’t see ourselves as a winner, then we cannot perform as a winner” Said Aldi, the leader of Satya Wacana English Debating Society (SWEDS), who had just lead his team to be the breaking adjudicator in IVED 2015.

IVED is an abbreviation of Indonesia Inter-Varsity English Debate, also known as debate competition at the national level. It is started from the year of 1998 and held annually until now. For this year, IVED is implemented in Indonesian University on January 26th-31th. There, SWEDS represents our university to compete with other universities throughout Indonesia, such as UI, ITB, UNSRAT, UNSRI, UNDIP, UNBRAW, and so on.

Not only joining debate competition, but SWEDS also join IVED council meeting where they are given a chance to discuss about IVED rules, together with other selected teams.

“we have lots of fun there. New experiences.. new friends.. and everything becomes more perfect when I was finally elected to be breaking adjudicator.” Stated Aldi.

He adds that he really proud since all struggles, that he and his team make, has been fruited. Before joining IVED, they increase the intensity of their workout, reading all materials given, and also partipating in Central Java Debating Community (CJDC).

CJDC is a kind of join training for debaters from universities on Central Java. It is held exactly before IVED’s implementation, with the aim of preparing themselves before joining IVED and for strengthening friendship between universities. This event is held at our faculty, on January 17th-18th, and the participants come from UNDIP, UNNES, UNS, Polines, and UNIKA Soegijapranata.

So, congratulation for SWEDS! Keep being awesome... Keep practicing as well... because as we know, practice makes perfect.

Jumat, 23 Januari 2015

Coffee Hour: One of ED's Precious Hour

Last tuesday night, the 20th January, must be one of the most unforgettable moment for those 35 ED students. This is because they are attending Coffee Hour, one of our programs, which take place on F515, from 6 p.m until 8 p.m. Coffee Hour is implemented in order to fulfill the need of cross-cultural understanding. Here, ED students interact with many guests coming from various places with various cultures while having a cup of coffee. For this year’s implementation, the guests comes from Ambon, Borneo, Bali, and Japan. Each of them explains about their own culture, especially in the aspects of singing and dancing. While they are explaining, ED students have the opportunity to ask some questions. Not only sharing the cultures, the participants also watch the performance from ED voice who sings outstandingly.

“Everything went well and as planned. I’m glad that all participants are very enthusiastic in joining this event.” Said Raissa Junita (2012), as the coordinator.