Minggu, 01 Maret 2015

One More! Achievement in English Competition Club

The last 10-14 February does not only become one of the most challenging days for our friends incorporated in English Competition Club (ECC), but also be the most fun ones. This is because they join Asian English Olympics (AEO) which is held in Binus University, Jakarta. AEO is an English-based competition  consisting of many fields such as spelling bee, speech, story telling, and so on. Besides being enlivened by domestic participants, AEO is also enlivened by participants coming from countries in Southeast Asia such as Macau, Malaysia, and Philipina.

“I am really happy to join this competition because I get so many new experiences and new friends as well.” Said Devi Riana Susanto (2013) who join spelling bee competition and has successfully penetrated the quarter final round. She then explains that she never thought she could get to the round, given that she has very competent rivals. Besides Devi, there are Kartika and Gloria who equally penetrate Octo-final round, each for the categories of speech and news casting. Do not forget, we also have Samuel Binowo that successfully becomes the runner up of speech competition!

“This is one of the most wonderful surprises that God has given to me. I’m glad finally I have made it.” he said
After passing through difficult rounds for five days full, ECC team join the gala dinner as the closing of this event, along with other participants.

Once more, congratulation guys! You have done your best!

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