Welcoming Remark Of FLL Student Senate's Chairperson

It’s a wonderful opportunity to greet all of the students of Faculty of Language and Literature, Satya Wacana Christian University through this website as it is being renewed and 2014/2015 period is coming. As the chaiperson of FLL Student Senate, I’d like to welcome the freshmen who are going to spend their college life with FLL family. Welcome to the club, brothers and sisters ! Also, tons of love and spirit for the older ones who are going to start new semesters. May God bless us abundantly to get through tougher times ahead.

Talking about this website, I am personally excited to have it being maintained. Now, the old blogspot-themed webpage looks more sophisticated and the contents are varied. Encouraging students’ participation is one of the reasons why Student Senate is doing much effort in polishing the blog. We are trying to do branding so that FLL students, hopefully, will put more attention and interests on the activities held by senate as the information can be accessed easily anywhere, anytime.

Students Senate has provided thirteen KBM(s) (Kelompok Bakat Minat) and more than six big events for students to join that you can inquiry on this website later. We do hope that FLL students’ participation is as vigorous as we are in preparing the programs. As the classic saying asserts that soft skills should complement hard skills, we encourage students to get involved in the activities we have prepared. Being a desirable graduate doesn’t only need perfect grades but also leadership and managerial skills. Besides, the university demands students’ active involvement in the KBMs or events as one of the requirements of graduation in order to establish creative minority

Above all, see how yourself develop througout the years and get chuffed ! We are looking forward to working with you all in various activities. Don’t be ordinary collegians !

Virna Margetan

FLL Student Senate’s Chairperson

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